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Spray Bottle Mockup v. 10ml-A

Volume 10ml-A || Premium mockup for 10ml spray bottle, which is perfect to mockup your transparent or opaque label for hand sanitizer, gel mist, serum, essential oil, SPF sunscreen, perfume or any cosmetic product that fits into a 10ml bottle. You can change the color and reflection type (glossy/semi-glossy) for pretty much any component (lid, pump, nozzle, bottle, liquid)

Perfect for:

Product image for Amazon, Shopify or any online shop.
Showcasing your label design for essential oil/gel mist/serum/sunscreen/perfume or any cosmetic product that fits in a 10ml bottle.
Custom color choice for:

Lid Types:

Solid plastic
Pump Types:

Solid plastic
Bottle Types:

Solid plastic
Label Types:

Opaque (glossy/semi-glossy)
Transparent (glossy/semi-glossy)
Very easy to use:

Double click on the Smart Object
Place your label design, Save
Choose the desired type/color for the label, lid, pump and bottle, then choose their reflection set.

3000x3000px / 300 dpi
Smart Object
Editable reflections (Through changing the opacity of reflection layers)
Shadows ON/OFF
Fill or TRANSPARENT background
Software Requirements:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 or preferably CC
The label designs are not part of this product.

With this mockup in hand, your only limit is your creativity! Happy designing 🙂

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Last Update: July 15, 2021
Released: July 15, 2021